The School

Founded in 2009 the LearnGreek Institute offers a variety of Greek courses. You will learn Greek as you learned your native language - through practice and constant communication, while experiencing the Greek culture.

LearnGreek is located at the city of Ioannina at the beautiful North – Western part of Greece. The school is spacious, well lit and airy, with lots of windows and balconies overlooking the street. The atmosphere at our language school is intimate and relaxed.

The building is centrally heated and air-conditioned, both being indispensable features in Ioannina, where temperatures vary a lot between summer and winter.

The LearnGreek Institute has 8 seminar rooms equipped with modern teaching aids such as smartboards, computers and audio-visual equipment.

The school has a cozy atmosphere where one can also relax and use the available computers, access the school’s WiFi and surf the internet or even listen to music, read books… even play board games!

The school is located in a nice, safe area in the city. From there one can easily walk around and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere at the local cafes or visit the castle and walk by the lakeside.

All our instructors are degree holders, experienced and passionate about teaching their native language.

We will not only teach you the language but also help you experience the culture, the food and the people of our city.

We love what we do and like telling stories and sharing our culture’s secrets making a LearnGreek course an unforgettable experience.

Come and LearnGreek in Ioannina with us!


About Us


LearnGREEK is a Greek language school for foreigners located in the city of Ioannina in Greece.


66, Dodonis Avenue, 45221, Ioannina, Greece
 +30 26510 03506 
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